The biggest news about the ‘wind’ hurricane, the crisis on Gujarat’s head has been tarnished

By | June 13, 2019

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The biggest news for Gujarat is taking the ‘wind’ hurricane. According to the Private Weather Agency SkyMate Weather, the ‘wind’ tornadoes, which can be transformed into terrible storms from low pressure, will not interfere with the coasts of Gujarat. Air is currently moving north-northwestwards. It is felt from the way the situation is emerging that the cyclone is not converging on the coast of Gujarat but it will pass near the coast of Porbandar, Dwarka and Okhna. It is likely that there is little impact in the area of ​​the coast.

According to SkyMat, the current wind storm is 150 kilometers away from Veraval, but the partial direction can be shifted from the coastal belt of Porbandar to Oman’s sea. Hence, news of some relief for Gujarat can be said. Air Cyclone has changed from Category 1 to 2. Thus, the disruption of the storm is low.

According to the scientific researcher of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) Manorama Mohanty, the gas storm is not likely to hit Gujarat coast anymore. According to Mohanty, this storm will now pass from Porbander, around. However, in the coastal areas of Gujarat, its impact will be seen and the wind will blow with heavy rains.

According to SkyMate, the air will continue in the ocean, but at present it is a type-2 type of severe storm, it can be replaced by Category-1. However, the speed of the air can be increased from 135 to 175 kilometers per hour.

When the system arriving in the Arabian Sea is moving towards north-northeast, its speed may decrease. After the passage of the coast of Gujarat, the confrontation with the gas will collide with anti-cyclone in the North-Arabian Sea. This is likely to stabilize the system near Karachi coast. So there is the possibility that air will not fall on the ground but it will be weakened in the ocean. However, there will be rain and winds on the coast.

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