Narayanadada, who donates 51 crores to the world Umaidham, earns crores in the electric business of 88 years.

By | June 5, 2019

Ahmedabad: ‘Doing donations to do the village as well as know’ is the words Narayanadada Patel, who has donated 51 crores in world Umeyadham, built in Ahmedabad. Currently 88-year-old Narayanadada, a resident of Nadas village in Mehsana, is a resident of Mumbai. 9 Book Pass and Narayanadada, who grew up in a farmer Patidar family, went to Mumbai for business at the age of 23. Dada has donated Rs. 51 crores in World Umeaidad, which will be built under the leadership of World Umea Foundation, to lift Patidar society today.

Keeping the contract for electrification of the Indian Army for 27 years

In 1953, Mumbai started an electrification contract with the hope that it should be created from zero. In view of this, Dada met with the electrification contract in the Indian Army camp. Dada helped the army by electrifying the secret places on the Indian Army’s border in times of war and emergency. In which the Halwara of Punjab, Navi in ​​Mumbai, Seriguri in Assam and working in the Air Force of Pune during the 1962 war. Narayanadada kept electrification contracts in various camps of the Indian Army for 27 years.

At the age of 88, he goes to the office

Though grandfather, born with 3 brothers and 3 sisters in the family, today owns all his work, despite being asciious as the ancestors of the celibacy, the simplicity of the simple life is endless. His golden slogan is ‘Unusual jatra useless’. The father of Narayanadada was a farmer but he knew the glory of the donation. Since childhood, the sacraments of donation were in the blood. Today, the society has donated 51 crores to the people. Today Dada’s family is operating in the Electric Manufacturing business in Mumbai. Narayanadada is still at the age of 88 at the office in his Mumbai Opera House. Letters from their own email give the answer itself.

Dada’s elder brother Mangaldas makes himself a dash despite being crores of rupees in 96 years

His father farmed in Nadasa village, which, at that time, made a hostel for the children studying in agricultural income before independence. He owns 3 brothers and 3 sisters, the biggest 96-year-old Mangaldas, who now earns millions of rupees, makes himself eaten. Naranadadana has a son and 4 daughters in the offspring. Currently there are 4 generations in his family.

Dada’s family donated a donation to the Umiya temple in Mumbai

The Nadiasan family has donated the place of Umiya Mataji Mandir, which is being constructed at the head of Kadva Patidar Samaj in Mumbai, Goregaon. Apart from this, millions of donations have also been donated to the building which is constructed in Haridwar.

A social empowerment hub will connect the patriarchs around the world

Ummia dham will be the temple of Kundadevi Umiya mother of Kunda Patidars. The hospital, sports and culture complex, educational institute and hostel will also be made here. The project will be ready at an estimated cost of 1000 thousand crores. C in the hotel business in the United States. That Patel is his coordinator According to him, the foundation appealed to collect 100 crores, but donated 115 crores. The most fundraiser has been collected for a social work in such a short time.

The noble purpose of all-round development

The special significance of this social empowerment hub is that here the foundation will be prepared by the foundation of the 80-meter high temple of Umiya mother. At the same time, the state-of-the-art modern building will be built for the overall development of society at the social, educational and economic level.

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