How to Keep Safe During Dangerous ‘Air’ Thunderstorms Precautions

By | June 12, 2019

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Today, we are telling you about the precautions of hurricanes and floods, such as hurricanes and floods, hurricanes and floods and hurricanes, and floods. What should be vigilant at the time of hurricanes?

In Gujarat, the mechanism has taken over the ‘wind’ storm, and leave has been declared as part of vigilance in schools in some districts of the state. In order to survive the loss of life when a hurricane is created, the people living in rural and urban areas have been told by the system to keep the following vigilance.

1. Do not spread false rumors about hurricanes and floods.

2. Keeping everything in mind without any fear of peace.

3. Before collecting the situation of hurricanes and floods, collect the things of life needs.

4. Strengthen the door-doors and rooftops of the house.

5. To charge your mobile phone, use battery-powered radio for this.

6. Migrate the hurricane or the first prediction of the flood.

7. If there is a notification from the government for relocation, then definitely follow.

8. Do not try to go into damaged houses after hurricanes.

9. Immediately move the injured to the hospital. Just need to use the phone

10. Keep the cattle litter aside

11. Fishermen do not have to go to the beach, boats take place at a safe place

12. Keep up with radio torch, lantern, extra battery

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