The biggest news about the ‘wind’ hurricane, the crisis on Gujarat’s head has been tarnished

Click here to gujrati : The biggest news for Gujarat is taking the ‘wind’ hurricane. According to the Private Weather Agency SkyMate Weather, the ‘wind’ tornadoes, which can be transformed into terrible storms from low pressure, will not interfere with the coasts of Gujarat. Air is currently moving north-northwestwards. It is felt from the way the situation… Read More »

World Cup / India-Pakistan match on June 16: Indian fans buy 67% of tickets, Pakistan supporters will be only 18%

Sports Desk: India will face Pakistan on June 16 in the World Cup. The 66.6% of the matches in the Old Trafford are bought by Indian viewers. According to the British newspaper ‘The Daily Mail’, the number of Pakistani fans in this match would be 18.1%. India will face hosts England on June 30 in Edgbaston. In this match, the number of… Read More »

World Cup: Such a color jersey will be seen in front of Team India,

Click here to gujrati : Now the front of the new jersey is not against the look. However, IANS has released a photo of the back of this new jersey. NEW DELHI: Team India fans and media were pleased with the fact that the team India World Cup will be seen in the color… Read More »

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